JGW Resume Summary

Jennifer Gopinathadasi Woodward
Summary of My Professional Experience

Computer Systems Design, Development, Deployment:

  • A progressives-only political web site web hosting provider and site builder (of live & test sites) since early 2014.
    – See SevaWebSites.org for live, beta and alpha site examples.
    – See my GandhianGreens.org site for an experimental intra- and inter- progressive third-party coalition building project.
    – – Not yet related to affiliated with Bernie Sander’s Our Revolution.
    – See my CAGreenIDEAS.org (cagi) political education site, extant since 2009, and…
    – a 2017 CAGI copy-cat site, GreenPapers.net by the Green Party USA.
  • A distance learning web site designer-developer on-contract or as a consultant.  See WebLearningTool Research for more information.
  • A distance learning web site web hosting provider (live & test sites).
  • A distributed distance learning software (a.k.a. web middle-ware) architect and developer since 1994.
    – By far my strongest and longest academic and professional interest since I began computer programming . See Education.
  • A computer systems analyst, systems designer, and integrated systems developer since 1966. Affiliated with ana Systems, Inc. since 1990 and JHAI Foundation since 1998.
  • A software developer since 1964 with over 45 years in this industry.

Instructional Design, Development and Training:

  • A technical trainer and instructor of computer subjects including computer programming.
  • Provided complete technical and lay-person documentation as well as systems operators and end-user training for some larger systems I designed, programmed, tested and deployed.
  • A multimedia web course developer since 1991.
  • An Instructional Designer and Instruction lesson, course & curriculum developer since 1994.

Artist, Still & Videographer, Musician

  • A multimedia content creator including simple animations, multi-camera studio and on-location television directing, film and tv camera operation, professional sound board operator.
  • Architectural, interior & sports B&W and Color still photography.
  • Musician: guitar, mandolin
    (good enough for bluegrass and then some)

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