Education, Memberships & Experience Summary


  • MA Instructional Technology (’99)
    course work 1989-91
  • BA/Psychology (’89)
  • BS/Applied-Math (’88)
  • BS Computer Science (’85)
  • 7 years (p.t.) Computer Science graduate study & professional development classes

(bold = current member, other = off-and-on member)

AAAS: American Association for the Advancement of Science.

AAAI: Association for the Advancement of Artificial Intelligence.

ACM: Association of Computing Machinery.

IEEE: Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers.

IIS: ITS: Intelligent Tutoring Systems of the Inst. of Intelligent Systems.

LTSC: Learning Technologies Standards Committee of the IEEE.

MFM-AGI: Model Free Methods of Artificial General Intelligence.

Experience Summary

  • 45+ years programmer/analyst
  • 7+ years independent software developer
  • 4 years stand-up educator/trainer, technical subjects
  • 4¬†years instructional designer, curriculum developer
  • 0.5 years educational/industrial video producer-director
  • 1 year project management
  • 1 year technical writing

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