Work Types Accepted

Work Types Accepted
as of June 2015

In general I strongly prefer “right livelihood” pro-bono and sliding-scale contracts in information technology (IT) work which is concentrated in one-or-more of the following three major work types:

  1. Since the USA Biggest-Banks-and-Wall-Street caused the Global Financial Collapse of 2008 and continue to make a very slow recovery slower, I strongly prefer to be doing:
    Progressive political web site development.
    Especially for Green Parties in North America, also for Bernie Sander’s “Our Revolution” national and per-state web infrastructure development.
    See the bullet list below for example live and test sites, the latter in-development…
  2. Progressive Distance Learning (DL) Web Site Installation, Configuration, and Development, which includes site deployment, server(s) maintenance as well as site maintenance instruction for the client’s site administrators.
  3. Liberal-progressive DL Instructional Design, Development which includes pilot course and lesson-testing,  small-scale (proof-of-concept) student-testing; all testing to use the client’s new DL site. Optionally I will providing instructional content development instruction to the client’s IDDs.
    See my: WebLearningTools Research web site for a few still-simple examples.

My Knowledge and Skills Sets include:

  • IT and Content Development work on
    Progressive Political Education Sites.
    see my: (CAGI) LIVE web site and (USGI) in-development web site.
  • IT work on Bernie2016 campaign web sites.
    see my: bs4pres-j3x & bs4pres-wp test “on-spec” sites
  • IT work on Green Party USA live and test sites.
    see my: & sites.
    The SevaWebSites -> TestSites page lists many more GP sites I am working on on-spec currently without formal GP invitation or endorsement.
  • IT work on Green Party state sites..
    see my: GPSF-WP, GPCA-WP and GPUS-WP test sites on-spec and in-development.
  • IT work on the USParliament and related web sites for the United Coalitions of Political Parties “movement”.

In addition:

  • If the activities noted above permit, and the client requests, I would perform IT and Content Development work on Progressive Educational Sites, preferring to enable very poor English K-12 and higher-ed institutions and especially poor Spanish educational sites; preferring to develop diversity-supporting, environment-sustaining, social-justice-promoting content for audiences of all ages, ethnic origins and racial backgrounds.  Few to mild disabilities accepted as well.
  • I am very good at still, film and video photography including with digital equipment preferring the above-listed venues and contexts for the time being.
  • I am very good at set lighting as well as set, sound-stage, and location sound recording preferring the above-listed venues and contexts for the time being.

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