About JGW

About JGW

“JGW ” are the initials of my “spiritualized” name which when expanded is Jennifer Gopinathadasi Woodward. “Gopinathadasi” is my “hindu” replacement middle name for my original middle name, Wayne, which is on my 1944 Kansas birth-certificate. 

As “too much information” for many of you readers of this web page, I’m using the hindu middle name I got in 1973 to get used to it and because I was a 70s feminist since 1970. I did not like “patriarchy’ then or the attempts of the far right in the USA to restore their oppressive version of it on US Americans for the last 40 years.  It’s also because the India hindu visiting California and other states, and some countries in the summer months of 1971 through the early 1980s who gave me that name, while very kind and inspiring to his supposed western and non-Indian ‘disciples’ , and which ‘initiation’ ritual he performed required giving us a Sanskrit name, he also left open each initiated person’s choice of if, when, where and why we each want to use that name. My “why” is as my middle name; I get to study other people’s response when they read it, or when I use it.

But also, over time nothing in the hindu philosophy or scriptures I had yet read to-date suggested that neither he nor the male writers of the English translations of most of the Indian hindu scriptures were feminists as the leading US and UK feminists of the 1970s were defining feminism. In short: “Hinduism” and its many predominantly patriarchal religions needed then and still need today to become more feminist and their leaders and gurus (teachers) and too many of the “inspired” and “initiated” western and eastern disciples of India-Indian gurus need to “dislike” the on-going sins of secular and allegedly sacred religious patriarchal religions and become inclusive of the “best ideals” of 1970s US, UK and western EU country’s feminism.


These contrarian “notions” and more progressive “spiritual feminist and inter-faith respecting” desires will influence any work I publish here and describe elsewhere.  I would like to do that work pro-bono or on a sliding scale fee for clients, possibly such as you readers of this web page, who are attracted to this site and some of my qualifications.

However, if you become a client, none of the above “notions” are to be a subject of conversation unless you ask questions of me respectfully and if my answering of them will not interfere with the work activities we are discussing to be done for you.


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