Mixed Resume Summaries

Full disclosure: The picture above is me in my 30s about 1985 as a student getting my first of four degrees at SF State U. My DOB is 12/27/1944.  As of 2023 I am 78.

I summarize my four degrees and 45+ years of work experiences of 3-4 work-types below and in more detail on other site web pages.

Jennifer Gopinathadasi Woodward
Summary of My Professional Experiences
in several work areas in which
I became expert or very accomplished

Summary of 45+ years of Computer Programming, Systems Design, Development, Deployment,  Documentation, Training:

  • A progressives-only political web site  site builder (of live & test sites) and a web hosting service site(s) maintainer since early 2014.
    – See USGreenIDEAS.org for live Green Party Sites and BETA prototype sites for all 50 states. Each state site has a BETA Joomla site to enable “projects management” and a BETA WordPress Multisite which enables: the state-wide site and a site for each county in the state. Data on a state-wide site and 1+ of the county sites can be shared with other sites that are part of the multisite.
    – See SevaWebSites.org for live, beta and alpha site examples in other countries.
    – See my GandhianGreens.org site for an experimental intra- and inter- progressive third-party coalition building project.
    – See my CAGreenIDEAS.org (cagi) political education site, extant since 2009, and…
    – a 2017 CAGI copy-cat site, GreenPapers.net by the Green Party USA.
  • A distance learning web site designer-developer on-contract or as a consultant.  See WebLearningTool Research for more information.
  • A distance learning web site web hosting provider (live & test sites).
  • A distributed distance learning software (a.k.a. web middle-ware) architect and developer since 1994.
    – By far my strongest and longest academic and professional interest since I began computer programming . See Education.
  • A computer systems analyst, systems designer, and integrated systems developer since 1966. Affiliated with ana Systems, Inc. since 1990.
  • A software developer since 1964 with over 45 years in this industry.
    See Also: Education.

Instructional Design, Development and Training:

  • A technical trainer and instructor of computer subjects including computer programming.
  • Provided complete technical and lay-person documentation as well as systems operators and end-user training for some larger systems I designed, programmed, tested and deployed.
  • A multimedia web course developer since 1991.
  • An infrequent Instructional Designer and Instruction lesson, course & curriculum developer since 1994.
    See Also: Education.

Artist; Photography: Still, Film & Videographer; Musician+Singer

  • A multimedia event and instructional video content creator including multi-camera studio and on-location television directing, film and tv camera operation, professional sound board operator.
  • Architectural, exteriors, interior & sports B&W and Color still photography.
  • Artist including infrequent architectural drafting, renderings, Many high-school and college art-class drawings. One semester simple (on-paper, not yet computer based) animations,
  • Pro-level Musician: guitar, mandolin
    (good enough for bluegrass and then some)
  • Band Member providing rhythm and lead guitar in two bands: “Doug Stevens and the Out Band” (many CDs), “Outgrabe” (1+ CD).
  • Choral Singer; Solo and Group Folk Singer (3.5 octave range: alto, tenor). College choirs, SF Folk Music Club 1985-present day: singer and expert “picker” on guitar & mandolin.

Non-Technical Humanistic Education and Experiences

  • Spiritual Hypnosis training for experienced credentialed clinical psychologists. 32 hours (2 weekends) instruction by Dr. Peter J. Francuch, Dr. for psychotics and schizophrenics at Cabrillo State Mental Hospital; instruction given to ~30 practitioners — and myself with no college credentials yet. UCSB Campus classroom. 1980.
  • Esalyn  Massage a.k.a. sensual non-sexual massage. Massage Institute of California, SF, CA. 2 months practice 3x a week as a class of 18+ students with two-to-six instructors per session.  1972.

2 thoughts on “Mixed Resume Summaries”

  1. Hi Jennifer. My name is Stephanie. I will get right to the point. I need a progressive website made for a fb group, political activism group. I like u. You have a strong personality. Ive never consulted for a website before. So please, how much? Thank you.

  2. Stephanie,

    Whatever was your campaign for a 2020 primary or the 2020 General Election, I hope you found the website help you needed and did well without my help.

    My plan has always been to provide a free, working, beta-state progressive website to any proven real progressive person or organization that asks for one. However at this late date I very much apologize for postponing providing a reply to you until Joe Biden’s and Kamala Harris’ inauguration day Jan. 20, 2021. I foremost needed to know Trump was impeached again, would likely be convicted in the 2021 Senate, and was finally ‘forever’ gone from the White House.

    What in April-May 2020, and with Trump and the GOP making mask wearing a political issue, I anticipated there soon would be a faster worsening spread of the novel coronavirus — and rising death counts from COVID-19 diseases — was one excuse. I did not imagine 400K deaths in the USA by January 2021. But another excuse was my not having made time from my almost-daily 2020 3/4 time work on related progressive web sites’ development projects to make available on my SevaWebSites.org domain a beta site you could have used in 2020. Nor did I have the time to make available online the last best beta-site of a state or county or city campaign site for you or your website administration people to download, install, and start using on your own rented web hosting service.

    But a third reason was that throughout all of 2020 I had not finished or fully thought through and designed “web forms” for this web site with which you and other progressives could have told me more about what sort of web site you and they needed and in general, in lay person’s terms, what sorts of site content and services you all needed on would become your customized progressive websites.

    I hope to have those missing website “work request” forms well-built and enabled in 2021 in time for progressive candidates to use them in the 2021 off-year elections. And I plan to have sample congressional campaign websites as well as sample state-wide, county-wide and city-wide progressive party and/or candidate’s beta prototype websites available as well to give parties and candidates more choices and to allow me to more quickly provide more useful web sites for those progressive organizations and candidates who request them.

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