Caveats: Work Request Forms on this site

Work Forms On This Site: “Look at them”, if you like, but do not use them yet.  They are not yet well developed.

So why “advertise” on this site that I want volunteers to help me with my “web site” work or that I want clients with work for me to perform for them?

FYI I get small but sufficient SSDI / SSA ‘retirement’ income; I do not need a consulting gig; I could use another government grant but have been too preoccupied with more important progressive political web site development activities at home to take the extra time to find, type up, and submit a grant proposal.

Since the Financial Collapse of 2008 I’ve been more obsessed with saving the planet, but also more obsessed with helping more progressives in the USA get elected to public office to make better policy decisions that save the economy and the environment and the planet.  Since 2010 I chose to work 3/4 time or greater to develop free web sites that can enable USA Green Parties and Green candidates’ campaigns for public office which sites they could not then and still today cannot afford to make and to keep in operation for themselves by themselves, given the ‘technical people’ available to help them in their Green parties.

But then I became more obsessed with doing more of the same web site development work to help save democracy in the USA, our democracy under relentless attacks daily and hourly by the Trump administration and far right Republican politicians in Congress and in more than 30 U.S. state legislatures since Trump won the presidency in 2016.

So primarily I’ve worked on-spec (for free) developing prototype web sites for Greens and Green Parties in the USA for the last 12 years.  See my “Test Pages” for a list of some of those sites in “beta state” of development.


Like fine wine, this skilled Mensa woman gets better with age. Cheers!