Resume Summary: Still, Film, TV Ed+Experience

I was very good at still and film photography. I was very good at stage lighting in high school and still photography interior photo lighting in those years. To do so I had above average good equipment — if not the too expensively great pro equipment — to take A+ architectural exterior photos then as well. I was news photographer for KRDO-TV Colorado Springs one summer in which I used the station’s Bolex 16mm with a then best-in-the-business zoom lens and ‘wild sound’ to get shots in the field for their news programs. I also setup and ran the in-studio news and interviews, and special programs, which had 3 cameras, each of which I ran (yes all three, each with a locked-down shot). I also setup 1-2 camera advertisers’ product commercial setups. I gave talent their cues as floor manager as well.

Since then I got several semesters “TV education” at what was then and is still nearby SFSU albeit also in the distant past, plus a lot of amateur and a bit of pro video experience, albeit with the “old NTSC (not digital) equipment” also in the distant past. And I was a TA (teaching assistant) in an introduction to TV production class at Santa Barbara City College for one semester when I lived there for almost two years also many years ago.  My last year living near Santa Barbara and the UCSB campus, I volunteered for a week long shoot at a Symposium on Humanity” to be conducted in many rooms and at least one theater of a high-school campus in Pasadena.  As a camera person, I carried and got live shots with a high-end pro video camera for 4.5 days of the 5 day shoot, during which there would be several groups of camera people in several rooms or the main theater getting in-venue shots simultaneously, all of them fed to the TV truck from 1, 2 or 3+ cameras in a venue. In the TV truck the ‘feeds’ were split into per-venue recording and “the main shot of the day” would be fed to a satellite truck and fed to 1-2+ other locations internationally. The last day of the shoot the TV truck pros let me direct 3 cameras in the theater venue too.

I also have helped “run the audio board” and setup and ‘strike’ that audio equipment at our annual SF Free Folk Music Festivals for 20+ years until a few years ago.

At “my age” I’m not willing to travel far.  So if nothing else I can help plan and help ‘supervise’ for your event or function the audio+video equipment s as well setup+test that equipment in situations and at venues to be recorded.  Until I update this resumer summary, those venues should be in SF or at other easier to get to SF Bay Area locations.

About my “lack” of experience with professional HD cameras.  Give me 15-30 minutes with a working pro to “introduce me” to the equipment, let me get familiar with all the buttons on it, and then let me shoot a few minutes with a good or great HD camera and I’ll be ready to use that camera in a live shoot.

Conclusions: Let me help your audio or video project “succeed” with the photo+film+tv production skills I’ve still got; and which IMO are still above average.

Like fine wine, this skilled Mensa woman gets better with age. Cheers!