Specializing in:

  • Web Site Design and Construction:
    Preferably of Distance Learning Live, Test &/or Demo (proof of concept) sites.
    Since Nov. 8, 2016, progressive web sites only for political parties, candidates and campaigns.
  • Instructional Design, Development & Deployment:
    Curriculum, Course and Lesson Design
    Course and lesson content production and re-purposing of client’s content for distance learning deployment exclusively or triple uses: online (web pages), as eBooks, and in-print (on paper).
  • Web-site hosting:
    Live and Test sites using my web hosting service provider or yours or one I find and vet for you.
    Site installation, configuration, testing & maintenance.
    Preferring distance learning course content and distance learning application services.
  • Team Building and Management:
    Finding, constructing dynamic project teams that provide the best solutions to your distance learning computer systems design, applications selection, distributed services, special programming needs, or on-site/off-site/on-line training needs.
  • Distance Learning TEST & Demo Web Site Services Provider:
    Development, deployment, maintenance.
    DL scaling strategy planning and development: for wired (in brick-and-mortar schools & classrooms) & wireless instruction.
    Change-over management to the client’s production server(s), training client’s IT people, and hand-off planning.
  • Since 2015: WordPress Progressive Political Multisites:
  • Since 2015: Secondarily until liberal-progressive government is restored in the USA:  Learning Management Systems planning, installation, configuration, testing and on-going maintenance supervision for progressive low-cost, high-valued educational web site owners.
  • Since 2010: OJT of Joomla!, Drupal, WordPress stand-alone and networked site building and initial site(s) management, primarily for progressive political groups.

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