Work Types Accepted

Work Types Accepted
as of March 2020

In general I strongly prefer “right livelihood” pro-bono and sliding-scale contracts in information technology (IT) work which is concentrated in one-or-more of the following three major work types:

  1. Since the USA Biggest-Banks-and-Wall-Street caused the Global Financial Collapse of 2008 and continue to make a very slow recovery slower, I strongly prefer to be doing:
    Progressive political web site development.
    Especially for Green Parties in North America, also for Bernie Sander’s “Our Revolution” national and per-state web infrastructure development.
    See the bullet list below for example live and test sites, the latter in-development…
  2. Progressive Distance Learning (DL) Web Site Web Hosting Selection, Site(s) Installation, Configuration, and Development, which includes site deployment, server(s) maintenance as well as site maintenance instruction for the client’s site administrators.
  3. Liberal-progressive DL Instructional Design, Development, Testing which includes pilot course and lesson-testing,  small-scale (proof-of-concept) student-testing; all testing to use either one of my DL sites or the client’s existing or new DL site. Optionally I will providing instructional content development instruction to the client’s IDDs.
    See my: WebLearningTools Research web site for a few still-simple examples.

My Knowledge and Skills Sets include:

  • IT and Content Development work on
    Progressive Political Education Sites.
    see my: (CAGI) LIVE web site and (USGI) in-development web site.
  • IT work on Bernie2020 campaign beta web sites.
    See my: bernie4pres2020-wp test “on-spec” sites
  • IT work on Green Party USA live and test sites.
    see my: & sites.
    The SevaWebSites -> TestSites page lists many more GP sites I am working on on-spec currently without formal GP invitation or endorsement.
  • IT work on Green Party state sites..
    see my: GPSF-WP, GPCA-WP and GPUS-WP test sites on-spec and in-development.
  • IT work on the USParliament site and related web sites for the United Coalitions of Political Parties “movement”.

In addition:

  • If the activities noted above permit, and the client requests, I would perform IT and Content Development work on Progressive Educational Sites, preferring to enable very poor English K-12 and higher-ed institutions and especially poor Spanish educational sites; preferring to develop diversity-supporting, environment-sustaining, social-justice-promoting content for audiences of all ages, ethnic origins and racial backgrounds.  Few to mild disabilities accepted as well.
  • I am very good at still, film and video photography including with digital equipment preferring the above-listed venues and contexts for the time being.
  • I am very good at set lighting as well as set, sound-stage, and location sound recording preferring the above-listed venues and contexts for the time being.

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