My work developing this “consulting” site was interrupted by Donald Trump who announced he was running for President as a Republican in 2015 and whom I instantly recognized as being a neo-Nazi, a man “who would be King”, and a tyrant who would destroy democracy. For the next many years I shifted my web site development work away from my decades long quest to develop “state of the art” distance learning web sites with artificially intelligent tutoring abilities to developing web sites for the then 21 U.S. Green Parties. By the time of Trump’s run for a second term as President in 2020 there have have been 47 U.S. Green Parties.  But in March 2020 “the global pandemic” caused countries world-wide to lock down 90+% of their populations and keep them isolated for most of the next three years.  As of Fall 2023 “the pandemic” remains an epidemic requiring periodic “booster” vaccinations; lockdowns now are few; and I have been reassessing my web site work priorities that can better serve “more active” communities around me starting with “my fellow Americans”.

Sorry to tell interested volunteers and potential clients for my work: this site, created in 2015, is still under-construction and is still not able to accept volunteer requests by web form or potential clients’work requests or proposals submitted by web forms available on this web site. That long delay I blame on now former U.S. President, Donald Trump, “making me” and so many others in the USA who qualify, in his opinion, for 1+ of the labels associated with the letters in the LGBTQI acronym… until today, which is inauguration day for new U.S. President, elderly Joe Biden and his middle-aged Hindu-Afro-American and first female VP, Kamala Harris.
Trump and too many of his radical right supporters made me and ‘the others’ scape-goat targets of hate speech, plus targets for in-person violent threats and potential acts of violence for the last 5 years!  That hate speech and those threats of violence may be less obvious now but are not gone as of inauguration day 2020.
23.11.07 As of Nov. 2023 Trump and his remaining tyranny-loving MAGA-mites country wide continue to try to do so.

However you can email me those volunteer and work requests at

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Like fine wine, this skilled Mensa woman gets better with age. Cheers!